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People don’t want more choices, they want more confidence in the choices they make!

Our Agency

Our approach gives your business a strong advantage –

  1. Measurable And Targeted Strategy
  2. Put Relevant Ads In Front Of Your Targeted Audience
  3. Implement Conversion Rate Optimization
  4. A/B Test. Learn From Your Results And Optimize With An Improvement Strategy In Line With Client Goals
  5. Reporting. We Will Meet With You Monthly So That You Know How Your Campaign Is Doing.
  6. Transparent. We Provide Our Clients With A 24/7 Dashboard.

After spending over a decade selling digital advertising solutions to local businesses for major media companies, our agency decided to create a business that offers the best-of-market digital marketing solutions customized to the way we believe makes sense for local businesses.

We combine years of experience with legacy media: Television, Radio, Newspaper, with over a decade of selling and executing digital advertising strategies with local businesses in markets as large as Seattle and as small as North Dakota. We’re comfortable with all types of businesses and budget parameters.

Local businesses across the country have told us they are confused by digital advertising, often unhappy with past investments made and inundated by companies offering them solutions. What we learned is local businesses don’t want more options in digital advertising, they want more confidence in those they choose to invest in.

The bottom line for local businesses is they want more calls, more website traffic…more business. At Confidence Digital Marketing we understand this need for ROI and attribution. We accept the challenge.

At Confidence Digital Marketing we are a local business. We know what it takes to help local business grow!

Confidence Digital Marketing

More Leads = More Business. That’s What We Do.